Monday, July 4, 2016

Finishing Up Some Terrain!

So, this terrain has just been sitting on one of our card tables in everyone's way for about the past 14 months... so we decided to just bite the bullet and finish it up! Daklethan and I spent yesterday cutting out the HDF, sanding down the edges to slopes, gluing the pieces of terrain on (predominantly obstacles), and sanding all the bases!  photo IMG_1877_zpspnwsozmc.jpg  photo IMG_1878_zps4xnm3dav.jpg We also went ahead and made some tank trap pieces of area terrain out of Dust: Tactics Dragon's Teeth:  photo IMG_1879_zpsptdxoerp.jpg  photo IMG_1880_zps41qjwv5p.jpg And to give a nice feel of 'completness' to the Temple of Skulls by GW, we cut and sanded a HUGE piece of HDF for a base:  photo IMG_1881_zpsor0kn3xs.jpg

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