Sunday, August 2, 2015

GenCon 2015: Day 4!

Ok, ok... sad as it is, all good things must come to a close, and GenCon is no exception! As Sunday, the final day of GenCon 2015 rolls around, we get the last minute tournies and casual gaming in, maybe that odd miniature or boardgame that you didn't quite realize you needed at the beginning of the con, and the final few visits to the amazing food trucks out front.

Without much further ado, here are the parting shots of GenCon 2015! Enjoy!

First up, a new, great looking game called Rum & Bones!
 photo IMG_8148_zpsjugdzlny.jpg
 photo IMG_8150_zpscyltsaal.jpg  photo IMG_8149_zpsy8pxawfq.jpg

 photo IMG_8156_zpsdcfkx0gv.jpg

Followed by what appears to be a mammoth game of Imperial Assault... Battle of Endor??
 photo IMG_8151_zpscnkeam6q.jpg

X-Wing, as always, is a crowd favorite (especially with those new ships coming out!)
 photo IMG_8152_zpsbwncdbdo.jpg

A ton of Mechwarrior pods, all linked...  photo IMG_8157_zpsmwtmerpi.jpg

And, of course... Infinity!
 photo IMG_8153_zpsqrvnluym.jpg  photo IMG_8155_zpsskidcdxo.jpg  photo IMG_8154_zpsifbqugqs.jpg  photo IMG_8159_zpsyggbczag.jpg

Some of our old members, Aaron and Lacy Cooke, slugging it out against their opponents...  photo IMG_8161_zpskv6neao4.jpg  photo IMG_8160_zps435e8mmr.jpg

...with the champion of the Infinity tournie being Aaron Cooke! Way to go, and see you in Spain!  photo IMG_8162_zpshddemwyh.jpg  photo IMG_8164_zpsyhrr33wa.jpg

All of our Infinity guys there with Bostria!  photo IMG_8163_zpsv201wbjv.jpg Now, Corvus Belli just needs to give our hard-working WarCorps Barakiel, there, a job!

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