Sunday, August 2, 2015

GenCon 2015: Day 3!

Here it is, a veritable cavalcade of all the action happening Saturday (some might even call it The Main Day!), day 3 of GenCon 2015!

Kicking us off, we've got some snapshots of the venerable GenCon tradition: the CosPlay parade! Afterwards, a few shots of some of the other amazing CosPlay which is always on display during the best 4 days in gaming!
 photo IMG_8141_zps7jlgsxf4.jpg
 photo IMG_8142_zpsrvgg40ce.jpg  photo IMG_8144_zpsvgoghobv.jpg  photo IMG_8143_zpsx4q1wli9.jpg  photo IMG_8145_zpsguzpmdzm.jpg  photo IMG_8138_zpsvsikndzj.jpg  photo IMG_8140_zpsolc7zao3.jpg

And, what's arguably the piece of information that has gotten me the most excited at GenCon 2015... not the new Halo game... not the announcements for the next wave of Infinity releases...
 photo IMG_8146_zpsr19qih1q.jpg

Warhammer Quest! Finally-FINALLY-fans everywhere are getting what they've been calling out for, so kind of WHQ game! This card game is still apparently in development, and had an hours long wait to get in on the beta test, but it promises to continue in the tradition of "Fantasy Flight is awesome!"

And, of course, no blog post would be complete without the ubiquitous food shot! Christian! So jealous!
 photo IMG_8147_zpsk9qxfn4p.jpg

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