Wednesday, July 29, 2015

GenCon 2015: T-Minus 1...

Greetings, boys and girls of all ages! Unable to actually make it to GenCon 2015 in the flesh, I've decided to post a blog series this week dedicated to everything GenCon related! GenCon... The Best Four Days in Gaming!

 photo FullSizeRender_zpsqmx6rn4v.jpg And how!

My first GenCon was this time last year, and it totally blew me away! I'd been to other, relatively smaller gaming conventions over the preceding years (most notably Privateer Press's Lock & Load Gamefest), but nothing-NOTHING-would be able to prepare me for the sheer awesomeness of what lay ahead in Indianapolis! This year (and despite the governor's idiotic passage of a certain bill...), I was more stoked then ever to be able to participate, but due to monetary constraints, was forced to bow out at the last minute. Boo. Hiss.

Nevertheless, a number of our Santa Barbara Wargaming members are going to be in attendance (one of them even, Barakiel, as a working giving demos for Corvus Belli at the Infinity tables... go and say hi!), and they've agreed to keep me updated with pictures, spoilers, commentary... and maybe even the odd video to be able to share with ya'll! So, without further ado... let the games begin!

Here, to whet your lovely appetites, are a collection of the set-ups of a number of the systems we play here at SBWG, and the wonderful companies which create these worlds! Enjoy!

Corvus Belli setting up their Infinity booth!
 photo 11824996_10153183436293842_1735067675225160959_n_zpsbk4a0bcq.jpg  photo 11824929_10153183436498842_1241486142425381343_n_zpsruqs6quo.jpg  photo 11705360_10153183436933842_2820860181960619634_n_zpsm53gsbb3.jpg  photo 11218809_10153183436363842_8854810251170232610_n_zpslse5ft19.jpg

Privateer Press, always a fan-favorite in the initial mad-dash to con exclusives!
 photo CLBB0sGUAAANu1e_zpsi7onepxn.jpg  photo CLFvqsBWwAAoU8c_zpseipx1mjo.jpg

 ...with Shredders lurking everywhere!  photo CLG7nrAWgAAOSZa_zpsxxqms0rh.jpg  photo CLG7nv5WgAIMBc2_zpssvonrd5n.jpg  photo CLG7npvWIAA-zZs_zpshev1f9gk.jpg

 ...and random neat spoilers and pics...!  photo CLGMpuLWgAAIofF_zpshgvels5e.jpg  photo CLGldXoWUAABchR_zpsgbv0gb4w.jpg  photo CLCZdtvWcAAOOep_zpshkxvaehb.jpg
And the Wyrd boys over at the Malifaux booth with their now-ubiquitous Whiskey Golem!  photo IMG_8112_zps32muffyb.jpg
 And... much more to come! Keep your eyes peeled here to see the latest and greatest happens all weekend at... GENCON 2015!

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