Thursday, July 30, 2015

GenCon 2015: Day 1!

 photo IMG_8115_zps5tu5ny85.jpg
Here it is, the first of the GenCon 2015 blog posts! This post (like all the ones that follow) will be updated throughout the day as new developments are relayed, pics sent, and videos posted! Hopefully, we can get you guys some interviews with game designers, an insight into some of the CosPlay action, and, of course, a food-truck rating and break down! ;)

Enjoy, and stay tuned!

Some early shots at the Corvus Belli booth...
 photo IMG_8117_zpsyjjasnhh.jpg
 photo IMG_8116_zpsryyuzgzy.jpg
The best food truck outside the convention hall!
 photo IMG_8119_zpsyyqwvawm.jpg

Barakiel giving demos at the Corvus Belli booth  photo IMG_8124_zps5fbd2fli.jpg

Some Malifaux CosPlay, plastic Kaeris crew, and my PERSONAL favorite, the Miss Anne Thrope con exclusive!
 photo IMG_8123_zpscmc3omzt.jpg  photo IMG_8120_zpsfaamallh.jpg  photo IMG_8121_zpskjagqfiz.jpg

And now, some miscellaneous pics of naval combat, Star Wars Armad...uh, I mean, X-Wing, and more!
 photo IMG_8125_zpsblel6nst.jpg  photo IMG_8129_zpscgrmwk9z.jpg  photo IMG_8127_zpsvpagmlty.jpg  photo IMG_8126_zpsj4s6kz9l.jpg  photo IMG_8128_zpstuhqdusa.jpg

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