Monday, January 26, 2015

30k is the new 40k is the new black

Hello SBWG enthusiasts and masochists! Time for my once in a blue-moon plog post to get you all fired up for yet another fruitless endeavor! Just as a formality, and as a sneak peak at just some of the awesome stuff left to come, take a gander at this picture and then join me after the break:
So first we start somewhere... I decided to start with the Phalanx squad (20 dudes) and tackle the 10 power axe guys first. I wanted to split the squad into 10 power axes and 10...ish bolters so I could run the squad however I might feel like (I prefer bolters BUT YOU NEVER KNOW!). My first job was to separate out all the different components, clean them up, and begin modeling. 

After taking a look at how they engineered the power axes and arms, I grew very frustrated with the lack of  good arms to use. This was going to need some major cutting. First, I had to carve out the hands, as seen below:
Alright, torsos and legs positioned!
Some close ups, I wanted more natural movement with the guys, make them look like they are aggressive.
First things first, gotta start with the sergeant! I wanted him to be issuing his squad forward, so I chose a solid stance legs, more decorative torso, and chopped up the arm to make him raising his power axe.
Nuncio Vox, LegioVexilla, and Sergeant getting kitted out!
And friends! The amount of chopping of the right arm to make the axes look natural was unbelievable. I am actually quite upset with FW/GW about this kit. The only parts of the MK IV armor that is used in the model is the right arm, legs, and rebreather pack, which means I now have a ton of torsos, heads, shoulder pads, and left arms sitting here on my desk... maybe to ebay?
Some close ups. Yes, the lighting conditions here are not great (my hobby room is occupied with visiting mothers) but my Galaxy S4 has an awesome camera, so meh.
More dudes.
While building these guys I realized that I did not have the special weapons I wanted for the squad, mainly flamers and the like. I think I may just go with combi-flamers for 2 guys, a plasma gun, and a breacher charge, which should be a good kit out for them.

Thanks for reading my plog, hopefully I can get the next 14 built in the next day or so and move on to the Rhinos! I still have 30 MK III dudes, 20 mk III breacher dudes, and 5 mk II heavy support guys to build up once they arrive! And my superduper special suprise will be a Legion Praetor with some sick looking Imperial Fists regalia!

For now, G. L. signing out!

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  1. Gah, jelaous! I hope that I can start posting up a companion plog of sorts to show off my fledgling Mechanicum forces! Cheers!