Saturday, October 11, 2014

ITS October 2014

Greetings and salutations!

As Infinity 3rd edition nears our eagerly awaiting hands, the lads at Santa Barbara Wargaming under the Warcorps Correspondent Barakiel and Eric have put on another ITS Tournament! With factions ranging from Bahram to Steel Phalanx, NCA and Imperial Service, the action was guaranteed to be fast and furious!

The Tourney was 3 rounds, with the scenarios being Antenna Field (R1), Quadrant Control (R2), and Seize the Beacon (R3).

Here's a quick breakdown of the players and the factions they're using:

Michael (Barakiel)- Neo Capitaine Army
Taylor- Yu Jing
Anewbre- Steel Phalanx
Roy- Bahram
Nate- Steel Phalanx
Duc- Imperial Service


Barakiel vs Taylor
Anewbre vs Nate
Duc vs Roy

 photo photo-68_zpsb3a90d9f.jpg