Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Quake City Rumble 2013 Report

This weekend, the guys at Leaderhip 2 hosted 103 players from around the country for the Quake City Rumble in San Francisco, one of the largest Warhammer Fantasy tourneys on the West Coast. I made it up for one of my 2 yearly event trips.

Leadership 2 did an excellent job running things year, keeping all 5 rounds on time, judging painting stealthily during the breaks, and adminstering several kegs worth of beer to a room full of gamers. End result: one of the best showcases of gorgeous armies and gaming I've ever enjoyed.

Before I get into the full report, let me start with a huge thank you to the Ld2 crew. I had to stay in Oakland and commute to the location, after screwing up my initial train, I ended up showing up 30 minutes after the round started. I was ready to give up on the weekend, but they came through for me, setting me up with an opponent from their own ranks to sub in for round 1 and fitting me back in the tourney after that. Huge thanks, and I'm very impressed with how well they handle the tournament.

Gaming was fantastic, I raised an army of Vampire Counts sporting my spiffy new Coven Throne. Opponents were great and games were fun. In the end, I went 4-1, neatly nabbing third place for Generalship.

The real highlight, though, was the armies.
Oh, wow, the armies. Players raised the bar for this tourney, and believe me when I say the highlights I show here do little justice to the armies up close and in person. A great Warhammer army is more than the sum of its parts, and seeing the whole forces on display remind me why I'm so into this game.

This Tomb King army combined an underwater, reptilian theme with an emphasis on the females of Nehekara, and these two custom Sphinxes (Sphinxen?) are a definite highlight.

In theory, Unit Fillers are a great way to save money and reduce painting demands. No for everyone though, it appears, as this person goes all out to make unit fillers out of some of Forgeworld's biggest monsters.

I apologize for the low detail on the next pic, but I had to zoom out to encompass all of Dave Inman's nearly 4 ft. tall display base, created from hand sculpted foam to represent the tireless and terrifying advance of the Skaven hordes, including two fully custom Hellpit Abominations.

It wasn't the fantastic display board, though, as this next pic proves with dark elves fighting before the very gates of Naggaroth.

Leadership 2's own members put on a solid showing, here with an oversized Orc army running as Ogres and carrying a freehand banner of the Ld2 Logo.

Speaking of counts as armies, this Skaven force uses the Dark Elf rules, and sports a whole unit of Skaven jetpack warriors to function as their harpies.

And this Warriors of Chaos emphasizes the daemon side of their forces, using gorgeously painted and heavily converted models to represent options like Daemon princes, Chimerae, and Hellcannons.

Of course, some people convert out of necessity. The Chaos dwarf K'Daai Destroyer is not out yet, which makes Alex Harrison's repurposing of a figure from Todd MacFarlane's toy line a canny choice and an imposing sight.

It's not all about conversion though, and this Brettonian army instead purely focuses on the painting, bringing each knight to life with amazing freehand heraldry.

One of the best parts of the whole weekend was this incredibly groovy Player's Choice winner, a Vampire Counts force themed after Evil Dead: Army of Darkness.

If the windmill looks blurry, that's because it's actually moving. He not only mounted a terrorgheist on it, he actually rigged it with motors.

But odds are you aren't here for windmills. If you here about an evil dead army, you're here for one thing:

And I definitely have to mention one more movie themed army, this adorable army of Daemons is crafted after the Minions from Despicable Me.

So, that wraps up the best photos I have from QCR 2013. It's a fantastic tournament, and you should definitely sign up as soon as spots open. Believe me when I say, though, that there were a LOT more awesome armies to see there, and the only grea way to get the full impact is to showup yourself.

Hopefully you've found something inspiring, and I'm already looking forward to next year.

-Taylor "Kaiju" Shiells

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  1. Lots of inspiration there for customization and painting of models. Good stuff.

    Are you planning on writing up your battles, too?