Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kingdomcon 2013 Day 2

Alright, alright, alright! Here are some of the shenanigans and beautiful pics of the gorgeous tables and armies on display at Kingdomcon 2013!

 photo securedownload-3_zpsa5e9c5b6.png  photo securedownload-15_zpsa588ea33.jpeg  photo securedownload-4_zps5c8638b5.png  photo securedownload-5_zpsbab2c3a4.png  photo securedownload-6_zpsf419a03a.png  photo securedownload-7_zpsa6b559b9.png  photo securedownload-16_zps221a32af.jpeg  photo securedownload-17_zpse4746dce.jpeg  photo securedownload-18_zpsf65b8ed9.jpeg
Let's see what the boys and girls of SB Wargaming get up to tonight!

Kingdomcon 2013 Day 1

SB Wargaming is taking a break (well, some of our members are, anyway!) from our normal Saturday of wargaming and shenanigans at Santa Barbara Wargaming in order to travel south to San Diego for Kingdomcon 2013!  photo securedownload_zps15327ae6.png  photo securedownload-11_zps9a1abc42.jpeg  photo securedownload-10_zps2557a400.jpg photo securedownload-14_zpsd321d94b.jpeg  photo securedownload-12_zpsb12b46e9.jpeg  photo securedownload-13_zpse28872c0.jpeg  photo securedownload-2_zpse8a8f892.png  photo securedownload-1_zps402d0289.png
Enjoy, with more to come!