Thursday, September 27, 2012

Call to Arms: Beta Testers for new Battle Report iOS App

I am looking for beta testers for my upcoming Battle Report iOS app. I have created a demo video to help to articulate what the app is trying to accomplish:

I am looking for people with all sort of iOS devices, and different levels of technological capabilities. You will still need to know/learn how to place a zipped application, load it into iTunes, and then transfer it to your device. You will also need to provide the UUID of your iDevice.

Beyond that, I look forward to people who can give the app live testing, and awesome feedback. Beta testing gives me the opportunity to polish the app, as well as provide more user driven features.

If you'd like to be a beta tester please use the link below to fill out the Google Form Application:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Of Pride and Orciness

A resounding bellow ripped across the bog. Feet trampled through the murky water, sloshing through bile and muck from decades of rotting plants and old bones. Shrieking, a goblin flew through the sky, haphazardly steering his flying rig towards the slowly advancing horde of skeletal warriors. Merkdo the Great was an accomplished doomdiver, celebrated as a minor celebrity among his fellow goblins. He played as receiver for the Crag Burok Dur Greasy Gits and had a great post season with the team, but even the bloody mess that was known as the "Blood Bowl" wasn't enough thrill for the danger seeking git. He had made over 10 dives and survived each one, with significant injury of course. His leg had been ripped off when he had smashed into a block of charging Bretonnian knights; his left hand and left ear had been singed when his glider was struck by several flaming arrows, leaving nothing but charred, gnarled skin. Yet, thanks to prosthetics and plenty of mushroom grog, he continued to sail through the skies plowing into his boss' enemies.