Friday, August 10, 2012

Paint Log: Prime and Epic Doomshaper

I'm on my way to completely painting my Trollbloods. I have been on a painting binge, and keeping a steady pace. 

Here is my eDoomshaper. I had originally painted him up for a painting competition, but got lazy and only blocked him out for it. A while later, I thought it'd be nice to give him a "epic base", so I found a nice pose with him bunkering down upon some ruined stairs. His sculpt goes quite well with the pose. 

Here is the two doomshapers. Prime on the left with him balancing on a rock base (not glued). On the left is Epic. 

I wanted to work on my highlighting technique so I went a step further with Epic D. I put some highlights on his leather, and I went for something different. I really like Enchanted blue as a compliment to the otherwise darkened tone of my Trollbloods. If gives it a nice accent, as well as provides some nice blue skin blending for "Warlocks".  I also tried my hand at pupils. It really does make the model look a lot better. Naturally we seek out the eyes, and on a model, they are an instant grab. It's hard to get the pupils so the model doesn't look crazy, but after a few attempts I got some decent pupil placement I could stand. I really like the placement of the right pupil, but the left one was a tough one to line up. 

I chugged out Prime D in about 2 days. His high rocky base really gives his outstretched pose more prowess. He doesn't really want to stand out, but it really gives him some presence. I once again went for the blue highlighting, both on the face, and the staff. The model as pictured is quite done, but I got to a benchmark, and I thought I'd show him off. The scroll isn't attached, but took a picture of how I will pose it.  

Here is the two incarnations next to one another.

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