Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Paint Log: Grissel Bloodsong, Marshal of the Kriels

After completing pDoomshaper, and eDoomshaper, I'm went ahead and finished off eGrissel. I took a different approach with her, in that I tried to finish off a section before continuing. I did her face first, and then to her wielding hand, then her first, and then finally worked my way down. She was quite nice to paint, although I felt like the waist and down got a bit messy. I think the mold lost some of it's detail, and found it difficult to distinguish elements. I used her studio paint scheme as a reference but substituted my scheme where it came into play. I tried to do a tartan scheme, but that was too time consuming. I think overall, she looks great for table top quality. 

Thoughts on Infinity, a Sci-Fi Skirmish game

I had the opportunity to get 2 games of Infinity in recently with Aaron. I was quite pleased with this opportunity, as I haven't really gained a foothold on the rule set, and to have such an enthusiastic opponent as Aaron, it was a lot of fun. I'm going to document my journey, and provide some reflection on the game system, and my general appeal of the game. Hopefully I can have Aaron provide his reflections as well.

Monday, August 20, 2012

What? Juz talkin' 'bout Mangler Squig...

So, I didn't want to drop $120 on 2 finecast models, no matter how sexy they are, and I decided "why not make my own?"

People balked at my assertion that I could sculpt a squig. They said "you sound like Taylor" or "that is dumb, you are dumb."


Pictures after the jump...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Squig Herder in the Rye

The sky was gray.

Rottooth sat on a rock overlooking the blood drenched battlefield, his mighty sword resting against his thigh. He looked at its handle, inspecting the twisted human skin leather that made up its grip. "Gonn' haf ta fix me choppa a new bit," he thought out loud. His back aching, he pushed himself to his feet. His arm had begun to heal from the mighty gash the Bretonnian lord had left for him, before he fled the duel crying in pain from the shattered fingernail in his eye. Rottooth grinned to himself, he always did prefer to fight dirty.

A Border Prince Tale Revisited

Alvaro let out a deep sigh, more from boredom then from any true sense of disappointment or feelings of betrayal.

The assembled court before him shifted from one foot to the other, murmuring with hands close to their mouths. The dimly lit chamber-not a large space to begin with-felt even more cramped and congested with the addition of the councilmen and other noted ‘men of reputation.’ The stone-floored room had become a study in muted cacophony, with soft snorts, coughs and the men-at-arms readjustments lending their weight to the noise. An unnaturally plump rodent ran along a far wall, brushing against a stool leg, and tumbled an empty pewter mug onto the flagstone of the throne room.

Startled, the room fell into silence.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Lay of the Errants - By Lance

Chapter I:

In the age of King Louen, long may he reign,
There came to Leoncouer a most dire tale.
The good King sent forth his heralds to say
"Pray, attend your King, you knights who would claim
By leal valor a chair at Mine table."
To bold Louen the bloom of knighthood came
And on His regal word the court did wait
Until at last He spoke, grim of mein
"Upon the east has dawned an awful day:
From the frozen roots of the world raised
A host of twisted death, driven by hate.
Alike in wretchedness with them blaze
Out of fallen Estalia the ill omened blade
Of Samaniego, his thirst to slake
On the blood of men, faithful and great."

So spoke great Louen, King of Men.

Then we destroy them... By Aaron

The High Elf ambassador knelt. There was no movement in the throne room except the labored breathing of the elf and the drip of his sweat as it spattered across the terracotta floor.

Aarontep stood so close that the ambassador could smell the spices of his burial cloths. A scent of cinnamon and cloves, incongruous with the morbid nature of his existence.

Of Squigs and Orcs: An excerpt from our Fantasy Campaign

It was hot. 

A mosquito engorged itself on the blood of a drowsy fox who had found a spot of shade under a massive tree on the barren plain. The vivacious ichor flowed lazily from the penetrated skin of the sleeping animal, all the while its leg flinched at the thought of chasing a brown hare through a luscious field of grass. Skulls and bones of creatures littered the surrounding area under the ancient tree, the ground stained brown with gore that had been spilt under its branches. Each day a careless traveler would wander under its limbs, searching for shade, and each day the roots of the mighty tree feasted upon their remains. Its feral spirit yearned for the life essence of these invaders, trespassers into its sanctum. It had been planted by the things of legend, eons past, long before the desolation of war and famine had reached these lands. There were brothers and sisters that the tree deeply missed, standing alone in its kingdom of death. The pain of loss and fervent duty of protection had driven its spirit mad over the centuries it had stood guardian its ever dwindling siblings until only it remained. It blamed the ruthless creatures of man and orc for the demise of this once beautiful and innocent land. The images of destruction burned into the trees heart, consuming it with revenge and hatred towards the outsiders.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Prep for... HI PEER EE ON

Michael is an awesome WHFB and WM/H player. He posted this write-up to our forums. I am posting it to the blog for all to see.

After quite a bit of personal reflection, and some good discussion with A-Ron, I'm really excited at the prospect of Hyperion. I compiled the following for the sake of my own note-taking and reflections, but hopefully this will also benefit the group as a whole as they contemplate the role of using/fighting against Colossals. For Retribution, Hyperion brings a lot to the table. Most importantly, Hyperion gives every Warcaster easy access to P+S 22 melee attacks (assuming the Arcanist buff), as well as a represents a threat that can't be easily one-shot (unlike most Myrmidons.) Hyperion directly benefits from the notable Feats and abilities of many Retribution casters. There's a fair amount of Skornergy (the bad kind, not the good kind) for Hyperion, since a ton of Retribution casters bank heavily on Out of Activation Movement to help their Myrms generate threat, but there are still enough toys left over for Hyperion to feel the benefit.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Paint Log: Prime and Epic Doomshaper

I'm on my way to completely painting my Trollbloods. I have been on a painting binge, and keeping a steady pace.