Monday, July 2, 2012

Painting the Trollkin War Wagon

I began painting the War Wagon even though I haven't completed the Mountain King. Gotta love these big models.

I chose to paint the War Wagon in multiple parts. These bigger models need to be painted separately. I started with the platform and undercarriage as one single piece.

I began by priming with black spray paint. I then dry brushed the walls with Dwarven Bronze (GW), and the floor with Calthan Brown (GW). I was quite impressed with how good a simple dry brush on the floor boards came out. There is certainly enough detail that the dry brushing brought out.

I dry brushed Boltgun Metal (GW) over most of the bronze. I washed the walls, and wooden floor with Delven Mud (GW), and the railing with Gryphonne Sepia (GW).

For the undercarriage, I did a similar technique as the walls. Undercoated with bronze, and then drybrushed over boltgun metal. The undercarriage got a heavy dose of full strength Delven Mud to add some good grit. The wheels are a combination of drybrushing Calthan Brown and drybrushing bronze, followed by more Delven Mud.

Making good progress for about 5 hours of work. Drybrushing is a bit slower but for roughed up metallics, I have found the boltgun metal drybrushed over bronze gives a nice gritty look that is just perfect for the War Wagon. The wheels need to get a bit more silver metal treatment to tie them more into the rest of chassis. 

More to come. 

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  1. This is looking great so far! I'm a big fan of how the metal is coming out. And, yes, I agree with the multi-part approach to painting: you definitely need that with these huge based minis!