Friday, July 27, 2012

Building a Shadow box

Having a large collection of figures from several different games, I decided to build a shadow box. It is 2’ x 3’ and holds hundreds of figures. I found some primed “wood” which I thought was great but was really made of compressed paper and didn’t work out so well, but it did work. The shelves and back are made of 3/8” plywood. I used a router to create grooves for the shelves and a table saw for cutting. Unfortunately, I still can’t cut a straight line. The corners are joined with 3 wood screws. Some of the shelves are 2” wide, some are 3” and some are 4.” They all have a depth of 4” some the box can hold all my figures except for Terminus, Wraith Engines and Kraken. The door is simply molding, routed, and 1/8” glass. I used clear adhesive to hold it in place. Black paint covers many poor cuts. I mounted the box on the wall with 3 2" wood screws into the studs. I used small decorative hinges which seem to be holding the weight well enough. A delightful side effect was that it allowed me to clear off my desk and organize a variety of projects that are in the works.


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  1. WOWZA! Very well done (at least, it looks like it from where I'm sitting!;)), and an inspiration to build one of these to get some of my work area cleared off!