Monday, July 30, 2012

An Army a Month: Empire

So, my non-New Year's Resolution is to completely assemble and finish painting a workable force a month until... well, until they're all either done, or I die of exhaustion! Now, this is quite a weighty (some might say impractical) goal, so we'll see if I have both the strength of will and the dexterity of hand to accomplish it! Regardless, The first army up on the docket is Empire!

First, a few WIP of the assembly stages:

This was during an epic turn of a number of days at the Manden, where myself, Michael and GL Puffin were all working on assembly and painting of various armies and pieces of terrain. Paradise!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Building a Shadow box

Having a large collection of figures from several different games, I decided to build a shadow box. It is 2’ x 3’ and holds hundreds of figures. I found some primed “wood” which I thought was great but was really made of compressed paper and didn’t work out so well, but it did work. The shelves and back are made of 3/8” plywood. I used a router to create grooves for the shelves and a table saw for cutting. Unfortunately, I still can’t cut a straight line. The corners are joined with 3 wood screws. Some of the shelves are 2” wide, some are 3” and some are 4.” They all have a depth of 4” some the box can hold all my figures except for Terminus, Wraith Engines and Kraken. The door is simply molding, routed, and 1/8” glass. I used clear adhesive to hold it in place. Black paint covers many poor cuts. I mounted the box on the wall with 3 2" wood screws into the studs. I used small decorative hinges which seem to be holding the weight well enough. A delightful side effect was that it allowed me to clear off my desk and organize a variety of projects that are in the works.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Painting the Mountain King [UPDATED]

I'm really excited to have finished such a large model. I was really pleased with how the skin tones came out. It did help to have such a large model to work with.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Painting the Trollkin War Wagon [UPDATE]

It took about a week, but I am pleased with how my Trollkin War Wagon came out. I feel like the overall presentation is great. However, there is some highlighting left to do. Enjoy! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Painting the Trollkin War Wagon

I began painting the War Wagon even though I haven't completed the Mountain King. Gotta love these big models.

I chose to paint the War Wagon in multiple parts. These bigger models need to be painted separately. I started with the platform and undercarriage as one single piece.