Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Update: The Tau Resurrection Project

Alrighty.  Time for an update after a long delay.  Now that tax season and various other post-tax season things are finally out of the way, I got a chance to work on my Tau Resurrection Project (TRP).  It was also a chance to mess around with my new airbrush and here are the results so far...

Broadsides, Stealth Suits and my Tau Aeronautica Imperialis air wing:

As you can tell, the photos were taken outside so the lighting wasn't the best for miniatures photography.  Also, I was moving pretty fast because I wanted to move onto the tanks.  :)

This was done in probably about 5-10 min, thanks to the airbrush:

Experimenting with desert camo:

Group shot:

After that, I tried doing a wash (by hand) on my AI to see if I could salvage some of the detail on my planes (unfortunately, the black spray paint that I used to prime them was really poor quality and so it ended up giving a really thick, terrible coverage that obscured a lot of detail.  Also, I didn't want to experiment with Simple Green (for stripping the paint) on resin miniatures for risk of ruining the models further.  Moral of the story-use good quality spray paint).

Here is the result of the wash (photo was taken in the shade and it came out a bit dark):

More updates to follow soon!


  1. Wow, everything is looking so good... and knocked out fast! I can't wait to play AI with my Imperial Navy against your filthy xenos!