Monday, June 25, 2012

Trollbloods: Project DEEP BLUE

So, after Lock and Load I decided to add a new faction to my repertoire. Trollbloods was a logical choice since I wanted something that plays to a different strategy style than my Circle and my Warmachine faction is purely Pirates. My first lock is Jarl, Devil of Thornwood. He caught my eye back when Domination came out because of how different he was to all the Circle locks. I also decided I wanted to build a ranged list with sneaky tricks so Scattergunners, being very underrepresented in the "meta" of SB Wargaming, were a must. I also loved the models for the Runeshapers, and although they are expensive, I really wanted to get them on the table.

So, onward with the pictures of the army thus far!

Step 1 with the Runeshapers was the skin. I wanted to nail down my skin tones for the whole army. Now, I KNOW that Troll magic users are supposed to be albino, but I didn't want to follow that trend. I started with Trollblood base (P3) and, using the 2 brush method, I built up through Meredius Blue (P3) to Hawk Turqouise (GW). I decided that I wanted Jarl to have the same layout as the Runeshapers in regards to skin tone so I did him as well. The bases I am using are the Rocky Bluff scenic bases offered by Secret Weapon Bases.

For the Troll Impaler I picked up I wanted a little bit of a lighter skin tone, especially around the chest and stomach.

I am very pleased with the outcome of the Runeshapers and Jarl, as follows:

C&C welcome!


  1. Nice work! I like the little details you put in like the camo pattern on Jarl's cloak.

  2. These are looking great Christian!