Saturday, June 9, 2012

Siege Animantarax WIP Part I

Some pics of my very WIP Animantarax. The crew are going to be a whole separate project to them selves, but here you can see the wee beastie hisself being assembled and set for base coating.


The Secret Weapon Base I picked up from Game Kastle in San Jose is perfect for the desert theme I have going on with my Skorne, but required some inventive heating of the poor beastie's feet to make it look as though he were stepping down from passing over a rocky outcropping...

Now, I must have bollocks for luck when it comes to buying these kits, because both the Cygnar Storm Strider and this Siege Animantarax were pretty poorly cast, requiring a HUGE deal of green stuff sculpting and liquid green to get it in usable shape! That being said, I think it's turning out pretty well, and WIP of painting will be along shortly!


  1. Pagebreaks, son! Use them!

    Looks cool! Why aren't you at the Manden yet?

  2. ***k you that's why! I'm still editing! I'll be there afore too long...