Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Painting the Mountain King

I was one of the lucky ones to get a Mountain King at Lock & Load. I have found some time to start painting up the mountain king. I should really be painting my unit for the unit painting competition tomorrow, but the Mountain King sounded more fun. Whatever gets you to paint right?

My Trollbloods are painted red. I haven't painted one in a while, but they are based around Scab Red (GW). All my Dire Trolls have metallic outcrops. It's looks "armory" and could be fluffed as some sort of iron ore.

I base coated the skin with Khorne Red (GW) and the Outcrops with a darkened Bolt Gun metal. 

I dry brushed the outcrops with black to give them some depth, and also cut out some of the sheen of the metallic paint. 

I continued to add some rocky coloring the the top outcrop. Drybrushed with Camo Green (GW) and Umbral Umber (PP). Added some more earth tones to the top outcroping which is supposed to be the oldest. 

For the skin I did some quite different. I gave two brush shading a try. I think it came out well. Essentially, at least what I did, was "spot washing". Make a streak of the brighter color paint on a raised surface you want to highlight, then follow up with a bigger wet brush and sort of smear it around making it more of a wash consistency.  At first I thought the color was too orangey for my tastes, but from afar, and in the picture, it gives the model a nice red vibrancy. I hope to come back to this color when I highlight after washing. 

After a wash of Devlan Mud (GW). You can see how dark the wash made it, but there is still some difference between the low lights and washed over highlighted area. 

So far I quite happy with how far the model has come. I hope to bring out the ferocity of the model. I still have all the fiddly bits to put on, as well as the base. 

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  1. Wow Paul, really stepping up your painting! Nice!