Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lock and Load: A picture is worth...

So, I have finally got around to plugging in the camera and ripping the pictures off of it. I bring you our fun filled Lock and Load weekend!

What is this? Level 7?

 NO! It's the Red Lion Hotel on 5th St!

 Ah, Seattle...

My old nemisis!

And now, for MODELS!

Play ALL the games!

Level 7... And Paul? Could it be love?

Too new friends...
 And old!


The end?


  1. You're a twisted man, Puffin! ;P A hefty proportion of those team pics will also find their way into a battle report written by our East Coast Correspondent... if she ever gets off her lazy butt to do it :D

  2. Next year, we shall have Shawarma instead of Gyros.

    Next year, I will also make sure to have the Monday after off.

  3. LOL Yeah, having to leave the last night isn't the funnest thing to do at L&L! :-P