Friday, May 4, 2012

Starting a hobby competition for your group is fun and an easy way to start getting your models painted. SB Wargaming is not only doing larger competitions, such as painting up units etc, with prizes given to the winners, but we have also been holding weekly painting challenges. One player will challenge another to paint a single miniature in 7 days. The loser buys the winner a pint. Simple concept with some nice pay-offs for both players.
I have entered into one such competition with Ironmonger (Mark) and here is my work in progress:

My basic concept for my Deldar vehicles stems from the awesome concept art for Tron Legacy. I wanted the piece to be asymmetrical, but with balance to make sure it felt weighted on each side. This is just the high light process for the glow, having yet to wash the model. I have painted the base for the hull, and the body, hull being Valejo Charred Brown and Black (70/30) and the hull is straight black. I plan on layering up moderate brown high lights on the hull with a badab black wash for finish. The body and rider will bright, intense gray high lights, and some areas will receive a glossy finish.

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  1. Looking really good thus far. May the best man win!