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Ardyyre update - Fleshing things out...

Just a minor update for the cloak, it's not quite done yet. I tried originally sketching out a cloak, then forming the putty around the sketch, cutting the putty out and placing it on the model, but the putty was too flimsy, hardened too quickly, and didn't hold it's own weight. Instead, I went with a piecemeal approach and used dental tools to form "stitching" that holds the bits of fabric together. Liquid greenstuff helped with the capes rigidity.

Journeyman Caster Gak Nor'

My journeyman warlock is the little bog trog that did good. The figure is a Reaper Reptus and the Spider is an old Grenadier (1980's) Giant Spider. My light warbeast is a Reaper figure also. The story of Gak Nor's training and battle reports can be found at:
Here are images of my characters:

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ardyyre - My Journeyman Warlock

So, we started a Journeyman league where you create your own warcaster/warlock and a character beast/jack and play league games while leveling up your warlock. It is a load of fun and I am excited to apply new rules and tweak things for next time we do this. That being said, one of the most important aspects was creating your own Journeyman, and thanks to funds being short and some slow shipping I am only just now getting around to building my caster.

My warbeast (based on the Gorax) is in production, but I need to sculpt his head still and buy some fine jewelry chain for his giant mace thing. Over all the project was a lot of fun. My Warlock is a refuge from Everblight, a Nyss that somehow didn't get blighted (you will have to read the story on our Wiki page once we fine-tune the rules). Baccus (character gorax) is a minotaur with a giant mace/flail. I had a lot of fun coming up with the fluff and model design. I am adding a big, spawn like, flowing cape to the Warlock which will make him look a little more "druid" and a little less effeminate (although, I like my male elves to look effeminate, call me crazy). More updates to come, as well as rules to run your own Journeyman league!

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Central Coast Championships (California) Final Round and results. 35 points Steamroller Death Clocks

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Ironmonger's Occasional and Irreverent Vlog Episode 3

Central Coast Championships Round 4

21 April 2012, not many interviews, but there are a few and onto round 5.

Central Coast Championships Round 3

Round three is fianlly finished. Steamroller tournament: 35 points, Death clocks, 3/5 rounds. 21 April 2012.
I started with Adobe Premiere but had to finish with Window Movie Maker. There are just too many problems with premiere.

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Central Coast Championship Round 2

Round 2 was a radial deployment, 35 points, and Death Clocks

Central Coast Championships Round 1

Blocked in some countries???? Here is a new improved version with Stravinsky instead of Fleetwood Mac as background music.
The Central Coast Championships was a 35 point Steamroller tournament using Death Clocks. 20 players stuck it out for 5 rounds. At the end of each game I asked players to summarize the action and I took pictures throughout the day.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Starting a hobby competition for your group is fun and an easy way to start getting your models painted. SB Wargaming is not only doing larger competitions, such as painting up units etc, with prizes given to the winners, but we have also been holding weekly painting challenges. One player will challenge another to paint a single miniature in 7 days. The loser buys the winner a pint. Simple concept with some nice pay-offs for both players.

Central Coast Championships

On 21 April, 2012 20 Warhordes players gathered at  Lompoc High School for a 35 point Steamroller tournament. We used Death Clocks and played 5 rounds. At the end of each game I asked players to summarize the game. I've had problems with youtube and links but you can find the 1st round here:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Training Day

This is a special edition post brought to you by Taylor as a guest-writer:

Welcome back SB Wargaming fans! Taylor here, bringing you a striking development in the world of local gaming: Two new visitors! We were fortunate to host Thane and Andrea on Tuesday.

How do we welcome them to the group? By introducing them to Warmahordes of course... we may not be the best teachers.

Lord Carver BMMD Esq. III
2 Wart Hogs
Gun Boar
Unit of Slaughterhousers

Mage Hunter Strike Force with Attachment
Stormfall Archers
Fane Knight Skerrith Issyan

Teaching Method: Micromanage the game and explain it as they go.

Effectiveness: Andrea and Thane were fortunately smart enough to learn no matter how confusing we were.

Aaron explains the finer points of the imperial measurement system to the attentive Thane.

This is Aaron. Aaron did this.
Andrea prepares to smash pig-face with the awesomeness that is the Retribution.
And the awesomeness makes her head explode.
Aaron continues to splay. This man is a Press Ganger, chosen by Privateer Press as a ambassador for the brand.
Andrea proves that she's going to be very good at this game.

So, in the end I can only hope that our new visitors learned something, since young blood is the fuel that invigorates successful games and clubs.

Andrea and Thane, thanks for putting up with us and trying hard to learn. Eventually, you'll understand these rules. We promise.