Monday, April 16, 2012

Kingdomcon Musings

So, I finished the weekend 5-2 in competitive play, with a second place finish in the Sunday tournament. I played some great players and had a lot of fun.

I was happy with my wins, especially 2 over eKaya and eLylyth with Ossyan. Those were matchups I was worrying about going in, and Ossy did a great job.

My two losses were tough especially the first one. I lost bottom of turn one to the Witch Coven. I had moved Rahn up and spent ALL his focus on a whim (which I generally never do). They ran a Arcnode 18" with Infernal Machine and Powerboosted from a warwitch siren. 3 Boosted damage rolls on Rahn at dice-4 later and I was dead.


So he was just killing me on average dice.

It was a really tough loss to take. I do not like to mention this because it sounds arrogant, but was my first tournament loss with Retribution (Having won our first steamroller, Novembercore and Orccon; 12-0) and it was a humiliating one. It was also a humbling one. I went into the game confident, and I made two terrible mistakes early on, and I paid for it. It was how a Warmachine tournament should be; if you come into the game arrogant, you will lose. I had a pretty bad headache, so I asked the TO for a break and they gave me a bye the next round. I came back and had some fun games against a Sloan player, and then a Constance Blaize player.

My second loss was against the eventual winner of the Sunday SR. He was playing pMadrak, who I have never faced before. The game was going pretty well untill his feat turn. On his feat turn he killed 5 Mage Hunters with his Champs, 2 Assassins, a Phoenix and 4 Battlemages with Mulg and 9 Sentinels with Skaldi Bonehammer. I had Rahn, A Phoenix and Skeryth left, and was unable to prevent him from winning on scenario. 2 models had massacred 90% of my army.

It was another hard lesson.For the second time that weekend I had been defeated by a lack of knowledge about my opponents capabilities (and my own foolishness) causing me to make mistakes that allowed my opponent to deliver a decisive blow.

I have really come to realize that in order to excel in anything, you need to surround yourself with good people who will challenge you. This is very true in Warmachine as well. The only way I will become a good Warmachine player is to play good Warmachine players.

The question is, can I do that with our group? There is no question we have talented players, especially some of the newer guys. I have done well against Khador and Legion because two awesome players, Nate and Andy, have selflessly played me hard with those factions and a variety of casters, and I have seen some of their tricks. I have not played Menoth yet, but Nick and Paul are getting me prepared for that faction as well.

I understand that not everyone is a competitive player and to seek excellence in the gaming side of the hobby seems foolish. I respect that. However I have decided that I want to get to a point where I can play a game and say : I made no mistakes. I honestly do not care about winning or losing, I just want to play perfectly. That will obviously never happen but I think it is a good goal.

So I want your opinions on whether we want to have a competitive meta, or competitive days (Tuesday could be competition day, Saturday could be casual play). I really want to play down in Pasadena with their excellent players a few times before Lock and Load, so who would be down to roadtrip to Game Empire?

Who wants to walk this dark path with me?

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