Friday, March 9, 2012

Plog: Ironmonger's FSA pt. I

Greetings and salutations!

Here is the first part of my plog dedicated to getting my Federated States of America up and running! I really enjoy everything associated with Dystopian Wars, including the miniatures, setting, type of game (microarmour FTW!)... well, just everything about it! The only hang up I had really was the terribly written, arranged, edited, etc. rulebook. The original one just... well, it just left everything about how to set up a game and achieve victory OUT! That, compounded with the terribly cumbersome rules for Tiny Flyer Tokens, the horrific layout/repetition inherent in the "exploding dice" mechanic... well, all these things contributed to my love of the models and setting, but distaste with the actual game itself. Never a good start...

Fast forward a year: ahhh... NOW we're talking! With the imminent release of an updated rulebook (to which we've already seen the vastly improved rules!), as well as a slew of new miniatures coming out each month, DW has once more popped up on my radar of games I'd very much like to get deeper into, as well as try to coerce at least 1 or 2 others in the group to pick it up so I can actually play it more then once a year!

That being said, here are the first pics of the 3 latest and greatest minis I've picked up for the FSA: the Alamo Class Mobile Airfield, the Savannah Class Sky Fortress (my new favorite!), and the Enterprise Class Dreadnought!

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  1. Nice to hear that the rules have improved. I may just have to take a look at DW...