Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fort Kickass-er

In anticipation of some airbrush stuff arriving tomorrow I started thinking about where I want to do my painting.  After mulling over some options, I started thinking about my garage again.  In general, a garage would be a good place to do this kind of stuff, I think.  The only problem with my garage is that it isn't wired for electricity.  Obviously, not having power directly effects the airbrush (or, more specifically, the compressor motor), but it also means that I have no light to work by after the sun goes down.

So, I set out to change that today...

Probably the single most enabling thing about this project is the presence of a large support beam that runs right through the center of the garage:


So, thanks to the support beam and some hardware at Home depot, I now have...


So, you may be saying to yourself, "that's all well and good that you have a light in there now, but what about that "power" problem you mentioned earlier?"

Well...I also installed one of these...


Ok, not actually.  Instead, I'm just running a 50 ft extension cord into the nearby laundry room, connected to a power strip in the garage.  And here is the result...



I have enough parts to install a second light assembly, so I may remount this light to one side of the beam and the other light to the opposite side.  I'll probably try things out with the single light for the time being, though and see how it goes.

Regardless, though, my garage will be up and running for hobbying/gaming once tax season is over.  Oh, and BBQ'ing too.  :)

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    Sorry, couldn't resist, but t'is glorious! Seems after the next few months SB wargaming will get a bit more productive with painting and gaming via airbrushes, power, spaces, proximity, etc.