Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hobby ADD

I never used to be ADD about anything in my life. I can still read a book from cover to cover, and at work I always seem to be able to meet my deadlines. I was always a good student, and could study and write papers for hours on end... and then there came wargaming.

For a hobby that is supposed to develop patience and focus, I'm really surprised at just how difficult it's been for me to work a project through to completion. I've tried to limit my new purchases until I complete that last project I was working on, but I just don't have the self control! It probably doesn't help that I surround myself with SBWargaming folk that all share a similar affliction. In any case, these are a smattering of the projects that have been littering my hobby table.


  1. Wow, Nate blogged himself! It's ok, we all have it happen to us from time to time...

    Everything here looks cracking, mate! I can't wait to see that Cygor and Dragoes on the table!

  2. You may have ADD, but at least you have great taste.

    That TAG looks fantastic and I like what you've done on the WW Stalker and miniature version of Drunk Rob. Keep up the awesome.

  3. Heh.. the cygor does look a little like our resident beer sponge on a bender. Just put some terrain beneath him for him to smash with that giant boulder and it'd be a spitting image.