Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Converting some Skorne

I actually really like the look of the Skorne heavy infantry... I like the look of just about ALL the Skorne infantry, for that matter... but the biggest issue I've had has been in the Cataphract Cetratii spears. Their length was bad (unless you're a Zulu warrior!), and they suffered the same problems that all the other PP pewter spears suffer: they're destined to snap off and bend, even with the most cautious of usage. I've seen many people convert their Iron Fang Pikemen to have brass/steel rods in place of the woefully doomed pewter spears, and have since decided to do something pretty dang similar to my Cetratii. My first efforts:

I'll be posting on these guys regularly until I finish painting them up, as I would REALLY like to be able to take a full-painted army to L&L, if not the Central Coast SR.


  1. I had to do the same thing for Nuala. Her javelin broke while I was building her, so I brass rodded it up. Looks good. I don't know why PP and other companies don't just include brass rodding instead of the flimsy white metal sticks, especially when the sticks aren't textured.

  2. Exactly! It seems like a no-brainer to just cast the hands sans weapons, and include a rod with the kit.