Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some Menoth, then and now....

So, I sold my Menoth to Roy and he asked me to paint them up for him. It's been a LONG time since this happened and I feel really bad that I haven't painted up the army yet, so last night the guilt overwhelmed me to the point of cracking down and painting up a warcaster. Now, I sold Roy the old pewter pKreoss and he had some damage problems, so I swung by Seths' Gaming and Anime at Orccon and grabbed the variant sculpt for pKreoss.

What the hell was that?

GLP, I thought you could paint... What is that abomination?

THAT my friends is a picture of the very first Warmachine model I ever painted. I slapped paint on that bad boy back in 2006. I thought it was pretty cool how I painted him up but now I am deeply ashamed.

Next up is a caster I painted for Roy about a year ago.

Yeah, that's better, but still feels flat to me. Let's break out the WIP and finished pKreoss.

 That is where I stopped last night after about 2 hours. Well, in between classes today, I finished him off. It was another 2 hours and I am proud of him. Granted, I think I might fix the highlighting on his hat.


  1. Looking good, and always nice to see some work on the blog! I, personally, can't wait until the Circle bug bites you again, and you finish up some of the Autumn themed models you've started!

  2. Hat looks wonky. Great pallet though, love the dark Menoth.