Sunday, February 26, 2012

Plog: C. Hoffman & His Constructs of Order

I've had these Malifaux minis for awhile now, and while I never really got stuck in too deep into the game itself (I'm not a huge fan of the card system), these were the miniatures in the entire line that Wyrd had to offer that I thought looked cool, gribbly, and... well, STEAMPUNK! Now, with a bit of a resurgence in the interest department in our group to this game of character-driven Steampunk Victorian Horror, I thought it was high-time these minis got to see a little paint!

First up, the full crew shot:

The Peacekeeper, my most recent (and vicious!) acquisition:

Two of the bad boys, a Guardian to watch The Hoff's ass, and a Hunter to range ahead and contest objectives/stick on an opponent's minion like white on rice!

And finally, the "big" guy himself, C. Hoffman, and a selection of totems (Mobile Toolbox, and Mechanical Attendant). The poses of nearly all members of the Constructs of Order crew boxset were WAY too static for me, so the savvy amongst you will notice I've moded just about every miniature, the not least of which is The Hoff himself.

Step 2: bronze undercoating...


  1. Wow. Those things look sinister. Looking forward to seeing them painted up.

  2. Thanks! I'm putting some paint on 'em right now, though they may take the briefest of back-seats as I finish Paul's Strum & Drang...