Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Painting Tomb Kings Pt 1

So, after a few generous gifts from Mark and Christian, as well as skipping a few meals, I was able to afford a Tomb Kings army. I am still waiting on 3 Snake Surfers, which are waiting for me at Metro, our local Gaming Store. Once I sell a kidney, I will be able to afford to go get them ;)

Today I will post what I have finished so far, the Casket and Archers, and tomorrow I will post my Tomb Guard and Chariots, which I should finish tonight.

As a special treat I will also show a picture of Calaban, who I will be entering in the Orccon painting contest.


  1. Sweet work all around, buddy! Can't wait to see all them Tomb Kings painted up and on a table!

    Also, of course, Caliban looks great! Good luck at Orccon!