Sunday, February 19, 2012

Orccon Coverage and results!

Hello Gamers and Gamerettes, it's me again and it's time to relay coverage of Orccon 2012!

It was a long day full of gaming and general nerdisms. Board games, Hormachine, GW, Magic the Gathering, Roleplaying, hell, even LARPing. I took a number of pictures and watched the Hormachine Tournament.

So, the main event for our group was the Warmchine/Hordes Tournament. 32 competitors fought with dice and rulers, but only one would be crowned the winner. The battles were hard fought by all and many excellent games were played through-out the day.

 After the first round we had 16 winners, 1 of SB wargaming's crew was in the running for first place, along with the vast majority of the Warmachine/Hordes players from Game Empire in Pasadena. Round 2 ended with 8 undefeated players, and SB Wargaming player Aaron Cooke was in the running for the semi finals as well as Matt and Craig from Game Empire, two extremely talented and skilled players, and a 5 other players.
After round three we were down to 4 players, Aaron (Retribution), Matt (Khador), Craig (Circle) and another player whose name I unfortunately didn't catch (was it Brian?) who was playing Menoth. Round 4 ended with 2 amazing games between Retribution (Rahn) vs. Circle (pKeurger) and Khador (?) vs. Menoth (Harbinger). After an intense two games it came down to our very own Aaron (Rahn) vs. Matt from Game Empire (eVlad).

And, after some seriously intense moments, lots of critical dice rolls and some insane maneuvering we had a winner:
So, congratulations to Aaron Cooke from SB Wargaming. He will be flying to Gencon this summer to participate in a huge Hormachine Tournament there!

And then there were other awesome events, such as Broadside Bash, Circus Maximus, Board Games and even Epic: Armageddon!
This guy was serious about Epic. If you live in the San Diego area I am sure you have seen this guy around!

And then there was a small group of guys with this epic 4'x4' castle board under a sign:

Rusted Heroes

Inside the Dragonlords' Evil Lair

The Minotaur Swings at the Black Knight dealing a glancing blow.

Yes, that is a giant Cyclopian Gladiator
 This game was obviously a labor of love by creator Steve. You can read more about the game at I gave it a whirl, and while it's still in it's infancy, I see potential of a fun skirmish sized fantasy game.
 And then we have our general con pics.
And, yes, I drank the vast majority of that beer tower.

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  1. Oh, a beer tower! I though it was a reflection of Rob! :D

    Looks like a fun filled and exciting day had by one and all! I'm eager to hear more about it, and to get ready for Lock & Load, in an attempt to match the awesomeness!

    Congratulations once again to our champion Aaron: you now have to awards, with plenty more to come, I'm sure!!