Sunday, February 12, 2012

Necrons go... EPIC!

Well, for the first time in a long time I've become interested in a bog-standard GW army upon their release. Usually I'm bored to tears by the 'main stream' armies that I see see the light of day, but, try as I might, and the retconning of the fluff notwithstanding, I am strangely drawn to the new Necrons: look, feel, minis, everything!

Well, our member Rob has already started a Necron force, so in the realm of 28mm I was SOL (I really don't like playing another force that a member in the group has already, because above and beyond it all, what I crave is variety!). However, being a fan (if not the most regular player) of Epic:Armageddon, I frequent the TacCom forums to aid in development of my main army, Squats, or just to see what's up in the world of 6mm 40k.

After a few months of perusing the TacCom Necron forum, I kept noticing that there were these certain models I'd see on a regular basis: beautiful renditions of the 40k 28mm iconic minis like the Pylon, Monolith and Tomb Spiders/Canoptekh Spyders. After some... hunting... I figured out who the sculptor was, exchanged some emails, and started slowly/not-so-slowly acquiring a force of Necrons in glorious epic scale! Below are a few pics of my burgeoning force.

These full army shots give a good sense of the level of skill and detailed in these proxy models. I've got, so far, 5 Monoliths, 2 Pylons, 2 Obelisks (creations for epic by the community), 12 Spyders, 12 Destroyers, and a few stands of Scarabs.

Close up of the 'infantry' I have so far:
Obelisk. Nice and shooty:
Closing shot of the awesomeness:
Now, observant readers (i.e. ANYBODY) will notice that I'm missing one small component to my army: masses of infantry! Fear not, though, for I've discovered a company and game called Exodus Wars, wherein lies a faction called the Edenites, who just happen to be dead-ringer proxies for Necrons: Lords, Warriors, Immortals and Pariahs. Of these troop types I have enough figures on the way from FRP games to compliment my extant forces, and push me up to 3000 points!

I've been mildly harassing the converter/sculptor into lending his hand to some of the new units, with an emphasis on the Command Barge, and the 2 Arks. On top of that, we still have the Tomb Stalker, Scythes (2 different aircraft), Triarch Stalkers, etc. to look at incorporating into a future Necron army outside of the Epic:Raiders list.


  1. Looking great! Now if only I could find an epic scale Dark Elder army models... Orks just don't have the same appeal as wave after wave of screaming skimmers and jetbikes unleashing carnage untold on unsuspecting masses of troops. We'll be on the look out for sculptors who have skill encompassing our needs.

  2. Looking good. Can't wait to see some paint on em. ;-)

  3. Just wanted too ask if you might be kind enough to share your contact for the sculpting as the destroyers and spyders look absolutely superb. Thx Chris