Sunday, February 5, 2012

Battlefleet Gothic Fleets: Craftworld Eldar

I've always love the 40k setting: the universe is just so original (yet contrived!) that it's always called to me from the shadows of my early childhood, down through the years to where I am now (all Hoarmachine and Infinity-laden). One part of that universe that I've always found so appealing is the naval aspect: both space warfare as well as aerial combat. Since SPace Fleet way back in '91, I was hooked on the idea that the 40k universe wasn't just restricted to the 28mm variety (much as the Fantasy universe wasn't, through games like Man O'War and Warmaster). Now, I've never been the BIGGEST Eldar fan, but I've always liked the looks of these guys:

They are, respectively, a Wraithship and a Shadowhunter (although there is a new Wraithship mini). I love their Craftworld aesthetic, and think they fit in just fine with those produced a decade later.

A Dragonship:

The recent Shadow Hunters:

A recent Wraithship:

An a flagship, very much like a battleship, of a Craftworld prince, Yriel (although, I'm sure it could be used for any desperate and honourable noble of the Eldar race ;) ):

Now, I'd love to play more BFG, and would especially like to see Christian finish up (or at least start to work on more!) his lovely Corsair fleet, complete with Haven Spire from Forge World! With Andy's 3rd Sphere Ex. Tau, my Tzeentch Chaos, Roy's Imperial Navy, and our possible 'studio' Tyranid Hivefleet, there's no reason why gems such as the above couldn't be plucked from ebay's celestial welkin, and pressed to see their bellicose labours enacted once more in the void's glacial breach...


  1. I brought my Chaos and Imperial fleets last time I was over, but sadly you were sick and didn't make it that day.

  2. Let's try and aim for a small game on Saturday if you're able. I'd love to run some Chaos against your Space Marines. We can take it easy and get through 1000 in about an hour.