Monday, January 16, 2012

WHFB Campaign: "Blood in the Badlands" - Turn 1

Here at SBWG some of us are participating in a Blood in the Badlands Warhammer Fantasy Battle Mighty Empires campaign. We have 8 people, each allied with one other, creating 4 factions fighting over the Badlands! Here is some images chronicling the first turn.

Mark shares the pretense of the Blood in the Badlands campaign with the participants.

The Mighty Empires hexagonal map of the Badlands.
Rob (Chaos Demons - left) and Michael (High Elves - right) participate in a Siege battle.

Christian (Skaven - left) and Elliot (Empire - right) fight on a terrain dense board.

Mark (Dwarves) and Nate (Beastmen  - not shown) tackle a small 1000pt army on a open field of battle. 

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  1. These are great, Paul! I hope you continue to do this for each leg of the BitBl campaign! A single quick correction, though: Nate and I were playing 1500 points, and he managed to squeak out a victory with his filthy Beastmen against the resolute Dwarfs! ;)