Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What? GW products? On OUR blog?!

Hello cool cats and internet stalkers, it's me again, G.L. Puffin, breaking my self-imposed silence of laziness to bring you the latest news from my corner of shame. Today, I offer you Dark Eldar. From the vast reaches of space and the dark depths of depravity I bring you my Kabal of the Bleeding Ghost!

I was given a present by Ironmonger on Christmas (actually several) and it happened to be this little guy, in Finecost.
Obviously, I wanted to make my Archon unique, flavorful and a bit twisted... in the head. Logical response? WHIPS AND GAS MASKS ALL AROUND!

I went to Metro Comics here in Santa Barbara and picked up a box of wytches and a box of scourges to start working on my new force. As I sat down and started assembling the models I remembered fondly what I had forgotten about the GW hobby, and GW games in general. How much fun it is to sit down and LITERALLY build an army to your own liking. I was mixing and matching bits here and there and came up with some smexy looking models.

Oh, but I wasn't done yet! I really liked assembling this bad...girls so I went back to the market and grabbed a Raider and a box of Warriors. Oh, and a Succubus; figured she would come in handy! I decided I wanted all my wyches to be women and warriors to be men so I did some simple torso swapping and shazam! blamo! kabam! I had a pretty cohesive and fun force.

Now, I couldn't let myself sit by and throw my raider on some boring old flight stand, could I? I mean, why would I let such a kick ass hobby opportunity go to waste? So I grabbed a handful of bits from my Space Marine bits boxes (yup, plural) and had a go. I chopped here, drilled there, even molested him a little (ONLY A LITTLE, DAMMIT!) and came up with this!

I will hopefully update soon with the finished warriors! Thanks for reading, you monkey!


  1. Nice stuff, Puffin. These guys look like they can COME AT ME BRO!