Monday, January 30, 2012

SR 2012 and Orccon

Steamroller 2012 is the newest iteration of Privateer Press’s excellent tournament rules and standards. Our group is attending Orccon in 2 weeks, which just decided to change to the newest version of steamroller. So what will we have to watch out for?

-New Scenarios. SR 2012 has some all new scenarios that make use of some interesting rules regarding controlling objectives with your caster. Namely, when your caster controls an objective you get a benefit, whether healing, focus/fury efficiency or even a free “artillery” shot into your opponents lines. These things, while not game changing, will give extra incentive to control objectives and will make scenario even more important.

-Character Restrictions. This is not so bad in the 2 list format of Orccon, but will introduce interesting choices. For instance, I can only take characters (in my case Eiyiss, Wishnailer, Painknight, Discordia, etc.) in one of my lists. So while it will be nice to not see Tartarsauce or Kovnik Joe in every list, I will have to make some creative choices in my list building.

-Shorter turns. SR 2012 shortens turns, for instance, 50 points is 10 minutes as opposed to SR 2011’s 12 minutes.

-Reinforcements. Each list will have to have 20% of their points (10 in our case) set aside as reinforcements in specific scenarios. These are also character restricted. Very interesting, as they come in on the flank and get free focus and forcing if they are jacks or beasts. The problem is you will only use them 1/3-1/4 of the time. This bears careful thought.

Those are the main changes, and while it is short notice I am excited to try the new rule set out!

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  1. Very interesting about the Casters getting bonuses for controlling objectives. I wonder how much that will influence the game.