Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ironmonger's Border Princes Vampire Counts: Miner Spirits

So, as some of you may know by now I've picked up an army of Vampire Counts to act as a bit of a break from my stalwart Dwarfs. With all the new goodies coming out, I've got my work cut out for me in the assembly/painting department (even more so with all the other models I'm volunteering to paint for group members! GADS!). Anywho, I felt like I needed to get some Spirit Hosts on the table tout suite, and what better (or cheaper!) way then to use some of those old Dwarfs I've no use for in my regular force! As the theme of my force is going to be a Strigoi Ghoul King haunting the hills to the north of Malko in the Border Princes, I figured that there were as good a chance of Dwarf spirits being raised as any other!

Although this is a stand with a few different types of Dwarfs on it, the future stands will be all Miners: poor stout souls crushed to death in cave-ins (if you've seen Carnivale, you can probably find my inspiration ;))

Stay tuned for more terror haunting the desolate ends of the world of man...

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