Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dark Eldar 2: The Continuing...

So you have seen my first shots of my Dark Eldar army but I have done some more paint work and I have picked up a couple more models (for really cheap, might I add).

I always liked the look of Harlequins, and even the look of the really old Eldar models. Whilst looking through the "Used" cabinets of Captain Nemo's (a quaint comic and game store in San Luis Obispo) I stumbled upon these Eldar models at $3 a pop! I just HAD to buy them and start painting on them right away!

 Can anyone identify this next one? The gun and sword are from Dark Eldar plastic kits, but the body is unrecognizable. (found it! 2nd release for Necromunda, he is Scavvy 1)

 Warriors, now with some of the red on them.

 Ooooo, look at those Reavers! I did custom-job stands for these guys, just like I did for the Raider and I will do for all my flying/skimming models in this army.

Enjoy! Next time I should have the warriors painted and the wyches in stage one of painting!

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