Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Infinity: Caledonia

Why do I play Caledonia? Two reasons: kilts, and heavy firepower!

In all seriousness, though, the things that drew me into playing Caledonians in Infinity as a Sectorial force (and, for that matter, playing Ariadna in general as an army) are probably the same things that draw most players to this faction. Ariadnans are the underdogs; thrown over and forgotten (at least according to them), and fighting for survival against a hostile Human Sphere that, for the most part, wants them gone and their natural resources raped. They are the "Everyman" in the universe of Infinity. They don't have Hackers, TAGs (yet...), or sophisticated TO Camo or combirifles.

They've got guts, skills, and of course...


Seriously, Teseum. This puts them nearly on equal-footing with a lot of the other armies out there, and it does in in two ways. First, they can take a beating. Their heavy infantry have ARM 3-5, with 5 not being exactly uncommon. This means that with a little help from this uber-lightweight yet dense neomaterial they can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'! With a pretty decent WIP they'll probably stay in the fight, too, making the guts rolls when needed. And, push come to shove, the LMS rule from Human Sphere means that a Mormaer with a T2 rifle, X-visor and Teseum can fight to the nut...

What's a T2 rifle I hear you ask? Why, it's a nifty little weapon that fires unstable Teseum rounds (think DU rounds...) that fragment explosively upon impact with a target. How is this explained in game play terms? Essentially, if you're hit and fail your ARM against someone firing these little beasties of jacketed goodness at you, you lose two wounds, meaning the basic single wound model goes bye bye.

Do not pass go. Do not take advantage of docs or medikits. Kaput.

Aside from Teseum, the Caledonian Sectorial force's G.I. Scotty can do nifty things like link fire, join fireteams, and be equipped with chainrifles...

Is it just me, or are the Cale rocking a lot of Concilium-banned kit?! Good! :D

So, that's it for the first part of my Ariadna/Caledonian overview. I'll be back in the future with more writings about our plucky little fighting-for-survivalists, as well as pics, paint, and other Ari Secs!


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