Tuesday, November 8, 2011

First Shot at Painting Infinity

I got my order of Infinity PanOceania models in the mail. For my first dive into Infinity, I went for a small infantry force. I wanted to get some basic models, and a few with some support weapons. I settled on the PanOceania starter box for it's value, and added 3 models with support weapons: a Hexa Sniper, a Nisse HMG, and a Fusilier HMG. This should be a good list of models to get some variety in painting and play style.

I also tried something new with Infinity; I gave snow bases a try. Micro Art Studios has a great line up of resin bases, and at the time of purchase the Shale Winter bases were available, so I went for them. I have never painted a winter/snow theme before, but I felt like it gave me quite a bit of leeway in my painting approach.

I was really happy with how the Hexa sniper came out. I used a hand painting shading technique that I find really helpful with models that have high detail. Base the model white, and use a gray wash to bring out the high/low lights. Then using washes for color details.

I was really impressed with how the inside of the cloak came out. I washed with a very watered down Enchanted blue, then went over a dry brushed white. This did two things: kept the recesses dark, and made the overall coat look snow washed and lighter. It was an excellent effect.

The outside of the cloak and the rest of the model were a bit trickier. As a sniper model, I didn't want to go too high contrast, but I wanted to provide some distinction. The ice blue came about as sort of an accident, but after going with it, it really gave a subdued ice blue effect. I wanted to make the helmet a darker color to provide some contrast, which I felt came out well. After all was done, I went over the model with a dry brush of Skull White. This did two things: It made the figure look less striking, and a gave it a snowy look. This was great, as I didn't need to worry so much about the small details.

My next model will be the Nisse HMG model. She has a awesome snow cloak on with a very dynamic pose. I think I will go for a less "camo-ed" approach with that model, but still keep the snowy effect.