Monday, October 31, 2011

Infinity: Our next frontier

Santa Barbara wargaming is in the middle of learning a new game system: Infinity. We hope this will become an alternative to our mainstay Warmachine/Hordes when we feel a little burnt out and don’t want to soil ourselves with a GW product.

The game appeals to me in a number of ways. First off, I am not the best painter (as Christian is fond of reminding me) but aesthetics are incredibly important to me. I want my army to be visually appealing to me. That was why Malifaux, though it has a fun and interesting rules system, never caught much interest from me: the models are ugly to my sensibilities. Infinity on the other hand has gorgeous models with a sci/fi feel. If you asked me what one attribute appeals to me more than any other, I would answer “gracefulness”. In 40k I played Eldar, in WM I play Retribution. Infinity has no shortage of sleek minitures that look capable of effortlessly blasting your head off. Which is what the gameplay in Infinity is all about. Playing a ranged based game will also differentiate it from WM/H.

I chose the Nomad faction because I like their fluff. They roam around unconnected to any planets because they mistrust the human AI; ALEPH. This mistrust of authority rings true with my personal beliefs about concentrated systemic power so I am able to identify closely with their struggle.

Normally in Infinity you want to begin with the starter pack from the faction, like a Warmachine battlebox. However, I have a quirk that I despise Sci-fi models that do not wear helmets. So the starter box was right out for me. I then just picked out models I liked and that would give me a wide variety of abilities. In infinity you want to have lots of orders so you want a higher model count, but I decided to go with quality over quantity and chose n elite force. This will be more challenging as I will have less flexibility each turn, but hopefully the higher skill of my models will win the day.

Here is my 200 point list:
Intruder: Lieutenant Combi Rifle, Light FT, Grenade, CCW,0.0 36
Intruder: X Visor MULTI Sniper Rifle, Pistol, CCW, 1.5 52
Hellcat: HMG, Pistol, Knife, 1.5 29
Tomcat: Doctor Combi Rifle, Light FT, Pistol, Knife, 0.0 22
Spektrs: Hacker (Hacking Device) Combi Rifle, Light Shotgun, 0.5 45
Moderator: Spitfire, Pistol, Electric Pulse, 0.5 16

So I started my list by picking a Lieutenant. I wanted him to be durable, so I picked an Intruder Lt, with a hefty Armor Value of 3. The other things I wanted in my list was a medic, a sniper, some maneuverability, some stealth and some anti-heavy hacking.

I decided to take advantage of the box that contains 2 Intruders, netting me an intruder with a sniper rifle. I then chose a Tomcat doc because I liked his model better than the catwoman. To add some sneaky anti mech ability, I got a hacker Spectyr. Fantastic model as well. I next got a Hellcat who can drop in mid game on a flank or to rescue any of my models who are getting pinned down. Hard to beat that maneuverability. Finally I got a moderator to add another order and a cheaper body. Plus “Spitfire” is fun to say.

So that’s my list. We will see how misguided bringing a small number of orders is.

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  1. Well, I'm convinced Aaron. Now I'm going to go buy some Nomads to go along with my Haqqislam, Ariadna, PanOceana, and Mercs!