Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So, over the summer I build a small gatorman force.

It consists of the following:

Bloody Barnabus
Calaban the Gravewalker

Full Gatormen Posse
Min Bone grinders

Wrongeye & Snapjaw

Almost enough for some 35 point lists.

Bloody Barnabus

Full Gatormen Posse
Wrongeye & Snapjaw
Totem Hunter

I love this list. Has plenty of threat vectors with flying gators and the Totem Hunter's leap, and until Gators get some fury management, I think two heavies is all Barnabus's fury 6 can handle. Wrongeye is tough to keep alive, but he usually has enough fury to cast spiny growth on a heavy, which is nice. Not to mention Barnabus himself, with his Ironfleshed posse and Warpath for extra threat range.

If I was to take this list to 50 with the models currently available, I would take another max posse and 2 more snappers, and give them both to Barnabus. I would be much more aggressive with them if I had 3.


Min Bone Grinders
Full Gatormen Posse
Wrongeye & Snapjaw

This is Calaban's tier, and he benefits from the extra range from the Bonegrinders. The way I play Calaban is not a spell caster, but a mobile debuffer, using Hex blast and Parasite to negate arm and upkeeps, while allowing my hard hitters to beat face. Advance deploy SJ/WE and Spitter is also great.

If I was to take this to 50, I would add a full gator posse and 3 Croak hunters for a mobile threat.

Maelock is another warlock I am eyeing eagerly. I am going to wait to see what his tier benefits are, because I would be money that tier 4 allows him to make his battlegroup undead, which would be so cool. Honestly, I just cannot wait for Domination. Beware, rampant speculation ahead.

So, in the forces book, the minions got the following:

Gators: 2 Casters(Barnabus and Calaban), 2 Heavies(Wrastler and Spitter), 1 Light(Snapper), 3 Units(Swamp Gobbers, GMP, Bog Trogs), 1 Minilock (Wrongeye) and 2 Solos (Totem Hunter and Croak Hunter).

Pigs: 2 Casters(Arkadius and Carver), 1 Heavy(Warhog), 1 Light(Gunboar), 3 Units(Gone Grinders, Brigands and Razorback Crew), 1 Minilock (Rorsh) and 2 Solos (Gudrun and Saxon).

This gives the gators +1 Heavy but they are roughly equal otherwise. Guessing the same number of releases in Wrath, we can assume that there will be 4-5 releases for each pact. Gators have already seen their warlock and a heavy (the swamp horror) while pigs have got a caster, support solo (Targ/Christian) and a unit (Slaughterhousers). We have also seen art of a flame pig.

So we have:

Sturm and Drang
Swamp Horror
Flame Pig
Gator Unit*
Gator Support solo*
Brigands UA*
Gator UA*


If the Gatormen get a UA I want only the Congregation to get to take it (no Skorne taskmaster brokenness). I want it to be 3 points and give the posse Dark Shroud.

If we get a support solo, I would like some fury management like the shepherd, or maybe a warlock attachment like the skarlock. That would make Calaban much better.

The swamp horror I want to have:
Speed 4 Mat 6 rat 5 Str 6 Def 10 Arm 16 PC:7

a 10" ranged black oil attack
4 pow 4 Tentacles with reach
Combosmite with all 4 tentacles (for combined P+S 22 and slam)
Waterwalk (can sac movement to be placed in swamp or water within 8")

This will give us something that can alleviate our current crippling weakness to heavies. So, what do you think the gators will get/need in Domination?

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