Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Death Clock iPhone App in the Works

After creating my first iPhone app Hit Gauge (, I have moved onto a better game timer app than what I've seen available. I call this new app Death Clock after the steam roller timing scheme.

Overall, a timer app is very simple. It ticks away the players time, and that is that. But, what I am hoping to create with Death Clock is supplemental information that will help the player better manage his time.

As you can see with the screenshot above, the timer interface is very simple, and very obvious.

  • Although green and red are not the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they are ingrained as "Go" and "Stop" respectively. This makes for easy viewing of the timer state.
  • The Pause/Resume button is found in the middle, away from the players times, to decrease the chances of a player accidentally pausing the game.
  • The "i" button provides gamers access to the options screen, even while the timer is ticking away.
  • What you don't normally see in a timer clock, is that the player can clearly see his elapsed time. This is very handy for chess clock, so you know that you have spent X amount of time on this turn.
  • Provide the gamer with times for his previous turns, to time management accordingly.
  • Support for all available timing schemes. Presently: Chess Clock, Timed Turns (with Extension), and Elapsed Time

I hope to make Death Clock the staple game timer for Warmachine and Hordes players with access to the iOS platform.

Depending on how many options are available within the App, I plan to sell it for either $.99 or $1.99. 


  1. Awesome Paul! One suggestion: Have a symbol for each player so it is immediately obvious whose time is whose. Or have each player have a different "stop color".

  2. Aaron,
    I do plan on having the players name displayed in the interface.

  3. Cool. Any chance it will be available for Droid?

  4. A straight red/green scheme causes problems for the colorblind (~7% of American men). Some ideas for fixing this: put in an option for a different scheme using textures, put orange in the red and blue in the green (which is used by traffic lights), or put an additional queue in like making the button 'raised' when the player is active and 'flat' when they aren' (like a physical chess clock).

  5. Roy,
    Great idea.
    It shouldn't be to hard to implement a colorblind scheme of Red->Orange, and Green-> Blue.