Friday, August 5, 2011

PLOG: SOTR Prototype Mecha Unboxing

I managed to get my hands on some pre-production Soviet Mecha for Secrets of the Third Reich. The spider mecha look is really what got me to look into the game, so I was very excited to see the new stuff when it arrived today.

First, I was amused by the customs declaration:


The first thing I pulled out of the box was this pack of metal bits. It looks like the new mecha packs a bigger variety of armament than the old.


The lower legs of the medium mecha came next. I like how you can see the outline of a foundation in the rubble it's standing over.


The body of the new light Termit mecha:


The light mecha weapon loadout:


The light mecha legs from ground level:


The medium mecha body, both the new mecha have the Red Army star on the front:


Medium mecha turret -- I think those are extra weapon attachment points on the front, if you wanted to run it buttoned up but keep the LMG, for instance.


Light mecha turret -- not quite sure what's beside the swivel mount for the main gun:


And finally a little family shot, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear.


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  1. Those look awesome! We need to get those painted up and photographed ASAP!