Saturday, August 6, 2011

Anything But...: Episode 5

Sbwargaming takes a trip to our not so local gaming store Game Orge in Northridge, CA.

On the way there we talked a bit about Incursion: SNAFU, the newest expansion for the minature Boardgame Incursion.

We also have a bit of Warmachine battle reports, and some more talk about Malifaux on the way back.

Enjoy with us our car ride on the road again.

[01:30] Incursion: SNAFU
[14:10] Warmachine Battle Report
[23:00] Malifaux Talk
[31:00] Minatures and Gaming Websites
[43:10] Part 2: On the Way Back
[43:50] Warmachine Battle Report
[46:40] Malifaux Talk


  1. Good episode, guys. Sorry I missed the traveling squad. Next time.

  2. For some reason I cannot download or listen to the podcast online...

    sad panda

  3. Just kidding... I found you guys on iTunes

    happy panda!