Monday, July 11, 2011

Anything But...: Episode 3

Show Notes:

New releases/speculation
- No quarter 37
- Domination coming around corner in Fall

Front lines
- Robs birthday
-Table formats
- loose use of league rules and scenarios, timed games
- Robs table of defeat
-- Note: Talk about vs. Storm Strider
-- Christian's game
-- Marks game
- Other Battles
-- Gorton
-- Cassius
-- Scavarous
-- Witch Coven
-- Dr. A

Shifting gears
What have you learned from heavy play and what would you do differently?

Hobby corner
Wrap up

Link to Episode 3


  1. Really enjoyed episode 3. Great content and personality. After episode 2 I thought I'd lost a podcast before it started. Definitely a personal opinion but more episodes like zero, one and three and less of episode two. Thanks for taking your own time to create a podcast to further my game knowledge and entertain me at work.

    PP Forum- ssgt_bus

  2. What was it specifically about Ep. 2 that lost you? We're always looking for ways to improve and respond to our slow-growing fanbase.

  3. Paul pm'd me on the forums. he gets it. I guess you guys had a rowdy day of gaming and drinking and it carried over into ep2.

  4. Great job. I would like to mention that Dr. A's spell Psychosurgery also affect himself (it is all models in battlegroup).

    Oh yeah, and don't forget that there is a frenzy case that forces you to charge. You can setup your hogs in such a way that the the first one charges the enemy and the trailing ones charge it (obviously when you setup for this make sure that they won't end up in melee range). This gives him a pretty ridiculous threat range.