Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jumping on the showgirls (phrasing)

So, some of you know that during last week's demo day, I ordered a Colette and the Showgirls starter box set, plus a Corphyee duet (mannequins with scythes) and some mechanical doves. I also picked up the first book (rules plus fluff - the book is similar to how PP does their books. Stats on the other factions in the back.) With everything that I have, I can field a 42 soulstone crew right off the bat.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Anything But...: Episode 4

SB Wargaming took a break from Warmachine/Hordes to take a look at 3 games that we demoed.

- Secrets of the Third Reich

- Infinity

- Malifaux

Link to Episode 4

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Switching Gears away from Warmachine/Hordes

Here at Santa Barbara Wargaming we have a large following of Warmachine/Hordes players. I believe everyone that participates on a regular to semi-regular basis has experience with WM/H, and might even have a sizable army. This being said, between Lock and Load, and the recent league play, we have put in quite a lot of board time with WM/H, and I sense that the group is taking a hiatus from WM/H.

WM/H will never cease to being a Tier 1 game in our group, but I can say I'm not the only individual in the group that wants other games in Tier 1, alongside WM/H.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Evaluating Malifaux

I am predominantly a Warmachine/Hordes player, but like any other gamer, I am on the look out for other game systems that I believe will intrigue and challenge me. I was listening to my new found podcast The D6 Generation and they had an interview with one of Malifaux's game creators. It was an excellent insight into the game's maturity and development. This started me on a quest to evaluate Malifaux, and whether I wanted to play it.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

PLOG: SOTR Soviet Armored Guard, Magnetized

I've gotten really interested in Secrets of the Third Reich, 1949 lately. It's a Weird War II game with a simple, highly tactical ruleset that's a nice change of pace. It also has some awesome mecha. I'm collecting the Soviets and decided to get a unit of armored guard. When I unpacked the box, I realized it had come with all the bits for almost every possible loadout. I also realized that with only two games under my belt, I had no idea what loadout I wanted to use.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Anything But...: Episode 3

Show Notes:

New releases/speculation
- No quarter 37
- Domination coming around corner in Fall

Front lines
- Robs birthday
-Table formats
- loose use of league rules and scenarios, timed games
- Robs table of defeat
-- Note: Talk about vs. Storm Strider
-- Christian's game
-- Marks game
- Other Battles
-- Gorton
-- Cassius
-- Scavarous
-- Witch Coven
-- Dr. A

Shifting gears
What have you learned from heavy play and what would you do differently?

Hobby corner
Wrap up

Link to Episode 3

First Look: Thornfall Alliance

I started my Warmachine/Hordes career playing Trollbloods. Then, I picked up Cryx for a bit, but my interest in them was overshadowed by my ever growing Trollbloods army. I have the majority of the available Trollbloods models, and enjoy the faction, and their play style.

At Privateer Press' Lock and Load, I had the desire to try out a new faction. The Warmachine factions don't seem to interest me as much as that of the Hordes factions. All the Hordes factions are represented within my gaming community, except Skorne. I've always had a soft spot for the red pointy men, but I have heard a bit about their issues as a faction: their "skornergy" (odd redundancy between faction models), and the lack of choice for good variety. There was talk back when Minions started to fill out, that some other members of my gaming community would pick up Farrow, and Gators. But at the time, no one had put a sizable investment into either army. This is when I decided to grab up almost a complete army at the Lock and Load store. It was a sizable investment, but afterwards I walked out with both Farrow casters, 2 war hogs, Rorsh & Brine, Brigands, Bone Grinders, the Slaughterhousers, and the new character solo Targ.

I finished my first day of Lock and Load with my Trolls in the Hardcore tournament, but afterwards I was excited to really put my Farrow down on the table Saturday night, and all of Sunday.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

"Anything But...": Episode 2

Show Notes:

Introduction - Who's with us today? What do you play?
Shout-outs - Shout outs to Dragon-Storm (
News & Rumors - recent PP releases and speculation (Plastic Cygnar/Cryx ‘jacks, 2-force box)

Second Part:
On the Front Lines – Nate’s winning streak in the Man-den.
Shifting Gears – Would Nate change his list? Against Rhul? Pirates?

Third Part:
Hobby Corner – Further experiences with “Windex” and Medium, all positive.
Tips & Tricks – Use tufts instead of static grass
Wrap Up

Link to Episode 2

Friday, July 1, 2011

Called to Answer

I have been producing a concept album based on the release of Wrath.

This one's for you Khador players out there: