Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dystopian Wars, Naval Combat, and Table Making

So, I've been trying to get our group more into Dystopian Wars as of late, and it's been... well, not an uphill battle, but not the easiest sale (as opposed to, say, Secrets of the Third Reich!). Why is this? The miniatures are, in my opinion, absolutely fantastic (though my predilection for steampunk, victoriana and the like may have something to do with that), the rules are pretty decent, and the setting is gravy. To top it all off, I like naval/astral/micro-armour combat, so this single game fullfils a number of my desires in a wargame. So what seems to be the problem? The rulebook.

The rulebook, I'm sorry to say, is atrocious. Those of you at the Man-Den on Saturday were subjected to numerous and extended rants on my part concerning the poor writing, lack of editing, and confusing layout/absence of rules and descriptions,all inherent in the book.

I'm truthfully sorry, guys.

Well, this... distaste... of the rulebook put out by Spartan has led me to start writing a Player's Edition of Dystopian Wars. Already having completed a number of sections, the DW:Player's Edition is shaping up to be leaner, meaner, far clearer, better organized, and may actually make the game fun to play, instead of an extended stress-test. Some of the mechanics of the game itself I simply don't agree with (the tiny flyer tokens spring to mind!), but all in all I feel as though the game is a fantastic addition to our group's repertoire, and hopefully when more of the guys see us playing with the player's edition in hand and not spending 30 minutes looking for a simple rule (that may not even be included to begin with!) a few more people will jump on board. At least one ebay store, , carries all DW products at a more then reasonable price (especially the new land forces, with a starter of them running $35 instead of $50!).

Now, some obligatory pics!

That being said, I really enjoy the other naval combat game a few in the group have picked up as well: Man O'War! The rules are actually quite simple (and it's obvious Spartan Games has drawn VERY HEAVILY on them for the creation of all its' games), with just enough variation in the races from the Warhammer Fantasy universe to draw in nearly all who like that world. One of the things we really haven't been able to do yet for then naval and micro-armour games is get some decent terrain and gaming boards done. Whilst looking for some inspiration today, i came across this and am THRILLED I did!

As this will be The Summer of Painting for me, I figure I'll DEFINITELY give this technique a go!

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