Monday, June 27, 2011

"Anything But...": Episode 1

Anything But... Episode One Show Notes:


- Mark's Wrath Concept Album
- Upcoming tournaments
- Unbound game

[Sbwargaming inception and history]
- Origin
- Progression
- Future

[New models/army discussion]
- Wrath Releases
- Talk about newly played models/army gameplay and tactics

[Theory machine]
- Harkavech vs Lord Carver 35pts
- Searforge Basher tactics

[Hobby corner]
- What are you working on now?
- Tips/tricks

Update: The introduction music sound level has been resolved. Enjoy!

Link to Episode 1


  1. Looks like I forgot to turn the volume down a wee bit on the intro: sorry! We live and learn, eh? ;)

  2. Lots of fun guys, I really enjoyed it. Yeah the intro was a bit loud and the bumper music was loud too. I REALLY like the dubstep sound though.

    I am down in LA and new to the hobby from 40k. Hopefully I will see you at game ogre sometime or get off my ass and take a drive up PCH.

  3. The sound issue has been corrected!

  4. Really great job so far with the podcast guys. Unless im blind I cant seem to find a contact email for you however :(

    drop me a line at as Id like to chat :)