Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Update: Painting and models + Photo reel

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

G.L. Puffin back once again to update you fine folk on some of my painting. I have quite the collection for you today, including a model I painted around 12 years ago! Hope you enjoy!

First we have my new shiny pirates! I know they aren't painted, but their bases were all hand sculpted to resemble a ships deck!

Lord Rockbottom, of course!

The Mariner

And then we have my WIP Circle models:

Lord of the Feast


Wold Guardian
And now for some warhammer and warmachine mostly painted models:
Throt the Unclean (won me a painting competition against a Golden Daemon painter with this one)

Christmas Gaunt!

Grimgore Ironhide

Paladin of the Wall

Magnetized Menoth Heavy, ready to be anything you want... and more.

Character for a yet to be written Rogue Trader game

WIP Usabti

WIP Radagast the Brown, by far my favorite LOTR model. I cannot WAIT to see what they do with Beorn!

So there you have it folks. A couple fun little bits to feast your glazzies on. Have a great week!


  1. Very, very nice there, chappie! I wanna see those Sea Dogs/Mariner painted up... STAT!;)

  2. I'll get on that once Andy gets me my paint brushes from his haus.

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